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The Ethno Techno Project was founded 1999 by Swedish musician Niklas Holmberg, Hari Padman and Deepu K Nair. The group's music is a mixture of influences from both North and South Indian classical music (Hindustani and Carnatic music) and contemporay Western music. The four musicians are complimented on stage by three clasical dancers with roots in the South Indian classical dance called Bharatanatyam. The combination of dance and music makes up for a very colorful and expressive live performance. The music is distributed and marketed in India by Times Music in Mumbai.


For the Brotherhood of Mankind. Dec 1999. Not available at the moment

Dance Trance. April 2003 Times Music. Released only in India. Not available at the moment

Entranced 2 cd set. Feb 2004. Not available

Live performances among others in Sweden and India.

Stora Teatern, Gothenburg Sweden Dec 1999
Doclands, Stockholm, New Year's Evening 1999/2000
Open Bridge celebrations(Opening of the bridge btween Denmark and Sweden).Malmö Sweden June 2000
New Advances on composites. International science conference. Bengaluru(Bangalore)India Aug 2000
International Day of Dance, Bengaluru, May 2002
Sweden tour (22 performances)Feb 2004 in cooperation with Musik i Väst and Smålands Musik o Teater.
Performed as a Sitarplayer for Indian Tourist Department,Indian Ambassador and Indian Embassy at Flavour of India Exhibiton .Gothenburg March 2005 and Diwali celebrations Stockholm Nov 2006
Namma Bengaluru Awards Feb 2010, Palace Grounds, Bangalore, South India

Namma Bengaluru Awards Feb 2010

Dance: Seema, Bansuri (flute): Butto and Niklas on guitar


the Ethno Techno Project live at Stora Teatern, Gothenburg Sweden.

the Ethno Techno Project live

Ethno Techno Project dancers, studio shot.


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